InfoPrint 5000 Multi-Purpose Platform

InfoPrint 5000 Multi-Purpose Platform

About the Project

The InfoPrint® Multi-Purpose Platform (MP), which conserves floor space with its small footprint, provides a full function solution that can help you transition smoothly to inkjet technology. You can run monochrome applications now for books, statements, manuals and other documents while you develop color applications for the future.

– On-site conversion from monochrome and/or MICR models to full color
– Select the speeds and fluids that suit your needs now, and change them as requirements evolve
– Get MICR support in a variety of color or monochrome configurations using combinations of the MP and InfoPrint 5000 GP, with PostScript, PDF, or AFP / Intelligent Printer Data Stream™ (IPDS™) support
– Improve accuracy of print job estimates and monitor ink usage with the ink management suite
– Gain page-level error recovery and accurate, consistent, device-independent output thanks to built-in Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) print architecture

* Exact speed varies depending on printer settings, document complexity, system configuration, software application, system environment, driver and printer state. Printer images may depict the installation of additional feature(s) which are offered at additional charge(s).

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